Porking the Pig - Martin Noakes

Porking the pig, can give you indigestion
Porking the pig, can take your breath away
David Cameron
Has made it pretty clear that he loves his gammon

Porking the pig, can get you close to nature
Porking the pig, can get you in the club
It's outrageous
I only hope and pray that it's not contagious

Low lights and the mistletoe
Create an air of mystery
He wants her to be his beau
I bet you wish your girlfriend was a pig like me

Porking the pig, it's more than recreation
Porking the pig, is shocking and profound
No mistaking
If he could choose another job he'd be making bacon now

Porking the pig, or perhaps a baby pigeon
Porking the pig, from here to kingdom come
Is it normal?
I dread to think what happens if the night's informal!

Porking the pig, can help you climb the ladder
Porking the pig, can get you to the top
It's so simple
The camera will be there to capture EVERY pimple

Dressed up looking so refined
The night has only just begun
He's using his favourite lines
'Cause he don't wanna end up with the 'ugly one'

Porking the pig, it's sordid & it's seedy
Porking the pig, here's plenty more to know
Ask George Osborne
As he was whipping up a storm with his friend Natalie Rowe

(BV's - Alex Doone, Tyler Pagram, Nathan Roofe & Sam Bush)

"Porking the Pig" is a light hearted and humorous song about a love affair between a man and a pig. Not any man, David Cameron to be precise. He was actually the British Prime Minister when the story broke. It was recorded using "A 432hz tuning". Evidence is starting to emerge that this frequency is more "in tune" with the natural world. The harmonic overtones that accompany it resonate in sympathy with nature and create more pleasing results to the ear, (as opposed to the standard 440hz). This is worth a bit of research to anyone interested in vibration. Search - "Solfeggio" for more information. This information connects with Nikola Tesla’s work.

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